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Voice search optimisation

Voice search optimisation (VSO) isn’t just a fad. Recent studies revealed that 40% of adults use voice search every day. VSO is among the top digital marketing techniques in 2018 as many businesses are creating campaigns targeting specific voice search queries. OPTIMISING FOR VOICE SEARCH...


Can call tracking and SEO play nicely together?

There’s an argument raging in global marketing circles, regarding the relative advantages and disadvantages of using call tracking software. Particularly, whether it detracts from effective search engine optimisation. Of course, the Creed Marketing team can’t resist wading into the playground,...


The ultimate untapped digital marketing trends for 2018

UNTAPPED Digital Marketing Techniques of 2018. The marketing game is always changing.  New technologies for marketing are emerging on a consistent basis and 2018 looks like being an exciting year for digital marketing. Some of the emerging trends include chatbots for use in social media...