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Instagram marketing is my favourite form of social media marketing at the moment. I love seeing the pages that seamlessly link up their posts into a whole brand appreciating the level of thought and planning that has gone into making it looking so beautiful.
My personal Instagram is a muddle of selfies, quotes and various other useless photos of things that no one is interested in…

We have found 5 Instagram Profiles that are absolutely killing the Instagram for business game!

We love a travel Instagram but for us, this one just hits it out the park! We love seeing the same filter used in all the photos really pulling it into an Instagram brand. Having an Instagram brand is a huge part of building a strong following on the Gram and can really help you rake in those followers. It also definatly helps having someone like Aggie to pose in the photos!
“As more people use social media to tell the story of the future, the wants and needs of more people will be reflected.”

This page is a little less well know but Anna lays her Instagram profile out beautifully, effortlessly pulling in her brand and confidently showing everyone that shes an expert in her field. This is a brilliant way to use Instagram for marketing not only giving the world something beautiful to look at but perfectly showcasing exactly how awesome she is at her job!
The Wiz Khalifa of old. Wiz’s older Instagram posts were a thing of beauty! Using multiple tiles to create a whole image is an awesome way to market your Gram profile. It looks stylish, professional and gives an awesome effect when executed properly.
“Nowadays, social media is the easiest place to go to find something.”

‘The rainbow Instagram account’ I absolutely love this Instagram account! The rainbow effect running through the page really adds a personal touch on Instagram marketing and its executed perfectly on Sarah’s page. She self-proclaims that she ‘takes her rainbow theme too seriously’ but we aren’t complaining! Keep it up, it looks awesome!
Number 5 in the list, is by far the most impressive. Rachel is an animator, illustrator & storyteller and even offers her custom designs out to use as stickers on IOS. Her use of stop-motion animation on her posts really gives her a unique vibe to her Instagram marketing and marketing is all about standing out! Rachel is definitely not one to miss!


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