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After a little research ourselves (and we do alot of it) we put together a few questions you may have while trying to find the right SEO packages. We are all familiar with the need for effective search engine optimization but, there are so many unanswered questions.

What are the right SEO packages for you?

SEO is available as a service from a number of providers. The problem is that SEO is not always easy to implement, especially small business SEO or sole traders. Outside providers of SEO packages are not always fully dependable, partly because it is not always a straightforward service to provide.

So where do you start in the search for the right SEO package, and how can you ensure that your money is being well spent? The first thing to do is to make sure you are armed with as much relevant information as possible before beginning to find an SEO provider. There are also a number of business SEO tips on DIY tricks for improving your own search engine optimization that are handy to know.

What is search engine optimization?

From what may seem quite complex for an unexperienced point of view, we’ve had a long term relationship with SEO for quite some time. Search engine optimization refers to a higher online presence for your website and brand. When potential clients use search engines to find information about services they require, your business will be at or near the top of the list and therefore will attract more business. This is a vital marketing technique in today’s increasingly online world, and it can make a huge difference to the success of your brand or business.

Where will my website be shown?

Search engine results are shown in two categories: pay per click (PPC) advertisements and natural search results. When a customer types in their search query, the paid advertising usually sits at the top of the results page, with natural (or organic or local) results below, and sometimes some further paid ads at the bottom. Paid advertising slots are available to buy from PPC management services or a platform such as Google AdWords, and this is one way of promoting your business, if you can afford to.

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Natural results occur due to frequency of keywords in the text on the website in questions, or in closeness to the search phrases used. To achieve high rankings in the local results it is crucial that your web copy content is relevant to your business service provision and local area. It is possible to achieve high natural ranking alongside a high PPC place on a results page, further maximising your business exposure. Many people using search engines are more trusting of natural results and tend to prefer to click these rather than paid advertisements alone.

How do search engines work?

Search engines work by accessing all the many millions of websites available on the World Wide Web, and by using keyword recognition then categorising and ordering them by relevance. This is no mean feat when you remember that Google reads as many of 30 trillion web pages. SEO is important in this respect because it is the keywords that appear in your website’s content that the search engine will find and order.

The terms ‘relevance’ and ‘authority’ are used to describe SEO requirements for search results visibility. Relevance requires that your website has content that will be relevant to a customer’s search, including lists and explanations of services provided as well as details of location so that local search details are activated. Authority refers to the order in which the search engine presents results. Links back to your site from other websites can help to build and maintain website authority.

Relevance and authority combined will help improve your site’s online visibility and this in turn will help drive your business.

What is involved in an SEO package?

A complete SEO package should include everything from initial research to implementation and inclusion of keyword rich content that will boost relevance as well as links that will boost authority.

Research: The research stage of a project should include a thorough knowledge of your business services and target audience. Keywords are often generated as part of this process.

SEO audit: The SEO provider will carry out an SEO audit to get a more detailed overview of your business and its strengths and weaknesses. This information will inform the next stage of the SEO package.

SEO website building: Once keywords and business strengths and weakness have been identified, the SEO package should including the building of a website in a way that will ensure they are visible to search engines. The most important thing to remember here is that you don’t need to know how to this, but your SEO provider must.

Content development: Once the website has been built, it is important to ensure that all web-based copy is relevant, informative, well written and keyword-rich.

Local SEO: Small businesses especially should place emphasis on local keywords, to ensure that search engines can read and use this information.

Link building: Increasing site authority is vital, and an essential part of SEO is to make sure there are relevant links to your page on other website pages. See the following page for more information on organic traffic and link building.

Remember that SEO packages are necessarily made up of a number of variables and are therefore inherently customizable. Even well-established SEO packages must allow for some variation, to allow for individual customer and business needs and services.

How much does an SEO package cost?

SEO package costs vary depending on industry and speed of results required. Click prices are available for PPC advertising, but can be anything from £1 to £50, depending on the size and ‘clickability’ of your services.

Small and medium sized businesses may be best suited to fixed price SEO packages at approximately £300 a month. Find more information here about Creed’s SEO services and contact us for a quote. As already mentioned, SEO by its very nature has to be an entirely bespoke service, so make sure you give any SEO provider as much relevant information as possible about your website and your business so that they can tailor their provision to your needs.

Businesses that have a lot of competition or are up against big name competition online may require the SEO provider to undertake more thorough research at the initial stages. This will enable them to identify how a more tailored SEO service might work for them.

If you are trying to reduce outgoings, you might be tempted by one of the many very cheap SEO packages available online. Generally accepted advice in this regard is to spend a little longer saving up and do not be tempted by the incredibly cheap options. They are often not worth the money, even with the saving. The problem is that there is quite a lot of work involved in good SEO, and the cheap packages do not cover costs.

How long will the SEO package take?

It is virtually impossible to answer this question accurately, as there are a number of variables that could mean the plans have to change somewhat during implementation. SEO providers with lots of experience will be in a better position to give you an estimated quote, but they still have a lot to consider:

  • What are the keywords targeted?
  • What is the current position for targeted keywords?
  • What are the authority and relevance of my website content?
  • What are my competitors’ domain and page authority?

What is my SEO budget?

Perhaps your business website comes in at the top of the second page of search engine results, and you want to move it to the first page. Initial research shows that the top ranking results have more than double the number of links from other sites, doubling their authority. An SEO provider who knows what they are doing will be able to use this information to help plan and quote for improvements to your links in order to boost your site’s authority rating.

Your SEO budget then comes into play. A larger monthly SEO budget should enable faster and more rewarding results.

What should an SEO proposal look like?

A good SEO proposal should include: initial research details and findings, an SEO audit, business objectives clearly outlined and actions towards achieving these objectives.

What should successful SEO look like?

Successful SEO will improve prominence online of your business website. This will lead to more through traffic based on improved search results presence. An experience SEO provider will be able to help you achieve this with minimal stress and maximum rewards!

Contact us today to find out more about the SEO services we provide, including link building and zero contract or set price packages, and for a quote for your business website.