Creed Marketing

How to make changes to your Creed site

Once logged into your site (http://yourdomaincom/wp-admin), you will be presented with a screen that looks similar to this:

On the side section, you will see pages, once hovered click ‘all pages’. Once ‘all pages’ have been clicked you can then pick the page which you want to edit from the list. Then you will see a page with a section that looks something similar to this:

In the image above, I have marked each modal setting that can be edited

  1. Settings here is where you can do the bulk of the editing including changing text, links, images. In the content section and you can also alter the design in the other section, this includes text size, font, sizing, spacing etc.
  2. Move, by clicking and holding this icon you can move the module around the page.
  3. Duplicate, By clicking this icon the module will be duplicated below, you can then edit this using the settings icon.
  4. Delete, if you are no longer wanting a module you can simply press this icon and it will be deleted.
  5. The 3 dots icons give you the option to disable modules, copy and paste items and styles and return module back to default settings.
  6. The add buttons let you add a new module, this is where you can choose what module you want this list consists of images, text, buttons, video etc.  

How to edit on the front end/ visual builder

Once logged in, navigation to the page you want to edit, on the black WP navigation you will see, enable visual builder. Once clicked, the page will reload and look the same, the only difference will be; on hover, you will have green blue and grey box. When you hover the module you want to edit you will then see the previous icons listed above. Here is where you can edit the content, design, location etc.

In order to edit the content select the settings icon (1)

You should now have all the knowledge needed to make basic changes to your Creed website. If you are looking for someone to make these changes for you please get in touch.