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Whether we need social marketing or not is no longer the important question you should be asking.  What you should be asking is how social media marketing can help your business. Rather, what are the various ways in which it can do so? 

The average individual spends about 9-10 hours on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. The internet is full of people who seek more information. 75% of people spend their time searching for one thing or another, whether it is a Wikipedia article or how to learn a new language. Considering how people navigate through the internet and their user patterns, understanding these habits is the first step to being able to grab their attention.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to get your business to take off with the power of social media marketing.

What do you want for your business?

As a start-up company, it is no easy task to get your company up and going. It is for that reason that social media marketing can help in a ton of ways. Here are some goals your business can achieve by utilizing social media marketing effectively:

  • To increase customer awareness of your brand
  • To use social media marketing to spread word about your products and services
  • To make your site more visible, to drive in more traffic
  • To directly or indirectly increase your sales
  • To convert websites into new market for your products and services                                                                                                                  

Find out who your focus group is

What you will need to have figured out before you can start your social media marketing venture is who your target audience is. If you do not know whom you are targeting, then you will not be able to focus your resources on building your marketing campaign to appeal to that audience. Instead, the marketing campaign will deflate because it does not appeal to anyone specifically.

Where brand building is the norm in today’s day and age, social media marketing is the most affordable way to do so. Recent statistics show promoting your site on social media boosts traffic and increases search engine ranking.  Connect with your customers directly and know their likes and dislikes. Here is how you can figure out your focus group:

  1. Listen to your customers.
  2. Reach out to them
  3. Make them aware of your brand
  4. Build strong relationship by continuous communication on Social sites
  5. Create a reputation for yourself 
  6. Build trust around your brand
  7. Increase customer loyalty – let your customer or your admirers promote you. If someone is already talking about your product, get in touch with the person and offer them your products/services for a discounted rate.
  8. Find new sources to market your business

Make the most of social media

Another great way to make the most of social media marketing is to strengthen your online presence. This you have to do by opening an account on most popular social media websites, and being as active as possible on them. This is what is going to help you execute a successful marketing campaign. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Comment and reply on popular Facebook group pages or create and moderate a Facebook page for yourself
  • Comment and reply on popular LinkedIn articles
  • Write LinkedIn article about and for your company regularly
  • Replies to popular Twitter accounts
  • Guest posting on popular blogs
  • Product review sites
  • Create YouTube Video content and comments
  • Participate in web discussion forums.
  • Make your brand reliable
  • Work with influencers on Social Media. That is one way for your business to get attention. You can choose your influencer according to your budget

The advantage of good content

You can use your content to do the marketing for you – Lucid content can educate visitors and convert them to customers. You can also write content that aims at appealing to your customers. Creating interesting content can increase customer loyalty and create a long-lasting bond with them. People love reading articles, they will read about practically anything as long as it is something they are interested in (which is why you should get to know your customer case). Thought-provoking content establishes you as the forerunner of your industry and you can gain the respect of many a customer this way.

How You Gain?

You’re probably wondering how any of this will help you rise to the top. Here is a rough breakdown of how social media helps you get more sales and customers:

  • You educate people on why they should become your customer
  • You get more involved with your focus group
  • You get higher visibility on search engines with new and engaging content
  • You link your site with social media networks so you can increase sales
  • The more you reply to feedback and reviews, the more exposure and positive reception you will get
  • The increased exposure will lead to more people reading your content and referring others to your site
  • Make your online presence felt through the reviews and activity on social media
  • The more people you are exposed to, the higher your prospects of conversions
  • Higher conversion will lead to higher sales figures

It sounds simple doesn’t it? However, there is an ingredient missing in getting to cover all these steps.

Why you should use SEO?

Have you ever looked beyond the first page when you do a Google search? Hardly ever, right? You may have a beautiful website and a design that works and content that speaks. Now stop and think who the content and website reaches if the site doesn’t feature on the 1st or at least the 2nd page of Google. SEO let’s your business have the visibility that it needs.

The world of SEO has changed drastically. It is no longer restricted to marketing; it helps you to build your brand. Your website is being linked to certain words and featuring in the first pages of all search engines as soon as the word is typed. It is an investment that will reap profit year after year. It is a massive, interconnected, logical system of a series of strategies that helps you retain and gain more customers, and it is worth investing in.

How social media marketing can be made easy for you?

Obviously everything mentioned above cannot be done alone. You need at least some level of assistance to be able to achieve even half of what has been discussed. However, local business SEO services are available to the ambitious entrepreneur. You can find cost-effective SEO services that can help you gain far more than what was invested. They can help with everything from social media marketing to SEO.