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We love building websites here at Creed. Are you looking for a responsive website built around your brand? Join our Creed today and get yourself a brand spanking new website. (We all love new stuff, don’t we?)


Landers that increase conversion rates.

Landing pages for websites

The key to unlocking the value of your website is having landing pages that draw your reader in and get them to convert. Sound simple? In theory. In practice it takes a whole lot of expertise. But thankfully, you’ve landed on the right page.

Landing page websites need a number of features to keep things working, and a landing page builder will then have to take into account these factors to ensure success. Working with an experienced agency like Creed is the first step to ensure that you are creating a lasting experience, but you also need to consider the style.

Landing pages: a marriage of form and function

There’s no denying that visually impressive landing page design is essential, and landing page optimisation is a key part of this. Whether you achieve traffic organically or through paid channels, you need to make sure that whatever people land on it is going to be effective and eye-grabbing.

If you already have a site, ask yourself the following:

How have you designed the layout?

How can people reach other parts of the site if needed?

Does your custom landing page grab a users’ attention?

In short, how have you filled your design with the energy it needs to work?

Your lead pages – the ones optimised for performance – need to look and feel in a way that resonates with your customers. Landing page design in this area can be either bespoke per page, or of a type. If you have six lead pages across your site, all with different objectives, then it makes sense to have a landing page builder working on delivering different designs and experiences for all of them. In this way, you can deliver the punch you need, in the way you need.

If your lead pages are all essentially the same – maybe just offering different products – then it might be that your optimisation will be the same across all of them. But even then, you should consider each page separately to make sure this is the case, and to be certain that your message is spot on. Whatever the size and scope of your site, it’s good to know we have flexible contracts that mean you can get exactly what you need without being help to ransom.

Successful landing page marketing will need a lot of things. You will need to understand which pages are actually your lead pages, you will need to know how people want to interact with them, and you will need to design and optimise them to fit the bill. Don’t worry, our team will talk you through each stage and help you find the perfect way to connect with your customers.

Once you know how your customer interacts with your pages, you can think about where traffic is coming from. Organic traffic from Google is always different from paid traffic from Google, and social media traffic is different from both again. You will need to tailor your landing page optimisation to match, to make sure that you smash your delivery, and bring in the profits. Having a results-focused team on side, like the guys at Creed Marketing, is essential. Did we mention we’ve grown our business from the ground up using our own exceptional in-house talent for SEO, digital marketing and web design?

It’s time to enlist the landing page experts!

If your landing pages are important to your website, app, or business (and you know that they are), then it’s time to make them work for you. With all the competiton out there today, it’s impossible to fluke success. That’s why it’s time to get a landing page design team on the job who have already proven their skills through effective SEO campaigns. Ready to talk? Call us today.


What is an SEO Audit?
This is how we know what magical fairy dust needs to be sprinkled on your site. An audit will provide you with a foundation of what to fix to ensure a stable base for when we begin to rank your website on the top positions of major search engines.
What are your SEO strategies?
Whilst our strategies are top secret, we do provide you with an explanation of our plans once you’re on board. You’re even free to fire any questions you have at your account manager and we’ll give you an in-depth insight to what works and what doesn’t. Afterall, we want to succeed with you. (and celebrated with high-fives all round)
Can I access your tracking platform?
Jump onboard the bandwagon and we can provide you with instant access to start creating your own site audits and browsing data that shows how hard we’ve grafted. We’re completely transparent with our results and provide a clear and trackable solution to search engine optimisation campaigns.
I've found cheap SEO.
SEO done incorrectly can damage your site and cause more work to fix the problems. Cheap techniques could work for the short term, however, we’re after budding relationships that we last forever. Our team only carry out techniques that ensure tangible results. In short; buy cheap, buy twice.
Will SEO increase my revenue?
Absolutely! We aim to increase traffic to your website and ensure you’re found by your customers. With a well mapped out plan, we increase conversions and provide you with more leads month on month.



See our case studies from our most recent campaigns and see the number of leads generated through proven digital marketing techniques.


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Converting landing page creation


“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”
— Harrison Ford


We’d love you to join our Creed, so why not send us some electronic mail or give us a call for a chinwag? We don’t bite (very often).

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