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If you’re here because you need a results-driven digital marketing campaign that fizzes with energy and creative magic, you’ve come to the right place. Because if we do say so ourselves, that’s what we’re really, really good at.


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Searching for an SEO Company in Cardiff? Your search is over. We’re bringing high-quality, results-driven search engine optimisation to the businesses of South Wales.
How, you may ask, when our head office isn’t located in Wales? Good question! It’s simply because we know it’s not necessary to be based in the city you’re trying to rank a business in. We’ve already helped dozens of businesses across the UK rank for their geographical search terms, and we’ll help your business dominate Google, too.


We know that finding a quality Cardiff SEO agency is tough. So we’re giving you the opportunity to think outside of the box and hire an innovative agency teeming with SEO specialists who can’t wait to start ranking your business online.

If you want to take a different approach to your marketing, carry on reading.

Eat, sleep, rank, repeat

Ranking businesses is all we do. It’s all we’ve ever done. Even when it was our own online business, we didn’t trust another agency to do SEO for us. We did it all ourselves. We were so successful, other companies asked us to help them rank too. Pretty soon Creed was born.

Now we focus entirely on our clients. We know what it means to rely on search traffic to grow your business. And that’s why we’ll work harder than any other agency to get you results.

When you work with us, you’ll be working with an experienced agency that lets you see beneath the kimono. The kind of agency that is completely open and honest about what they are doing and how effective it is. We’re so open, we give every single client access to a mobile app that lets them see their campaign data in real time. So you can see how well we’re doing whether you are sitting at your desk, sitting on the train or sitting somewhere else…

SEO services in Cardiff

Our SEO specialists are here to deliver all of the SEO services your business needs to outrank your competitors, no matter if you’re based in Cardiff or even Edinburgh.

Local SEO in Cardiff

Cardiff is a big city which makes local SEO incredibly competitive. But we’ll help you cut through the competition like a hot knife through butter. Give us a month or two and we’ll have you sitting pretty at the top of key local searches.

Onsite optimisation

How is your website looking? If you don’t mind, we’ll have a look under the hood to make sure that it is running properly and giving you the best chance of ranking. If it isn’t, we’ll change it pronto.

Link building

Our link building service is one of the best in the industry. We create the kind of awesome content that is sure to have your business passively earning links for years to come. Of course, we’ll proactively go out and get links too.

If you’re not happy with your current rankings, whether you use an agency or not, it’s time to do something about it. Get in touch with one of our awesome team members and they’ll hook you up with a sweet free proposal that will outline exactly what we’d do to get you ranking.

Remember, we’ve been in your shoes before. We know how hard it is to find a Cardiff SEO agency you can trust. But just like your local postman, we promise to deliver for you.


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We like to think that joining our Creed is the best decision you’ll make today, so why not seal the deal now by filling out our online form? Then hold on to your hat, because we’re about to transform the way you look at online marketing forever.



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We know. There are tons of agencies out there. In fact, we work with a fair few ourselves however, we know that there are fewer agencies that can provide turnkey results with campaigns that generate a huge return. You may be asking yourself, “Why are you guys so special?” Well, let us tell you, our good friend! Creed has been created through trial and error in our own companies. We’ve generated 7 figures in revenue in short periods of time, from launch companies to UK based, award-winning business, and we’re a bunch of new era, award-bagging millennials that strive for the success of every campaign. The secret? A particular set of skills and hard work: the recipe that creates success.


Clan Campbell
Universal Music
Im so glad I found Creed. I have used a number of SEO and digital marketing companies in the past, all to which seem to offer the world and deliver little to no results. Creed are different. The team work tirelessly to make sure you understand what they are doing as well as actually making a positive difference to your business. I have seen a huge increase in targeted traffic and as a result seen my sales go through the roof. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to grow their company. A+++++
Ryan Kirby
Ryan Kirby
11:33 25 May 18
I have recently undertaken a series of practical SEO and marketing workshops with Curt Hems at Creed Marketing and have found him extremely personable, knowledgeable and he goes the extra mile to support you outside of the formal workshop. Curt has an ability to explain complex jargon and SEO language into plain English with step-by-step guides and I would not hesitate to recommend Creed for any marketing and SEO Company training.
Lydia French
Lydia French
14:43 24 May 18
Having put everything I had (financially and emotionally) into the business I am so very proud of, we were in desperate need of a competent and succesful and more importantly sustainable marketing campaign that would present to the world who we are and what we do. We needed a company who understood us, our vision and our goals for the future and who could guide us with truthful and experienced advice on how to launch our company into the often complex reality of internet marketing. Having invested many hours in finding “the right one for us” we were introduced to Creed. Simple, easy, honest and incredibly effective - we haven’t looked back and we are enormously indebted to them for all they have and continue to do for our business.
Harry Ryan
Harry Ryan
09:11 30 May 18
We've worked with Creed for multiple campaigns and they have served the good every time. The ease of creating campaigns is so easy, we've carried out the majority of our marketing and branding with them. From the first enquiry we made, the team have been on their top game ever since. We would 100% recommend them to anyone looking to make the next step in marketing.
Hire Box
Hire Box
12:55 27 Apr 18
Curt co-presented a series of marketing workshops that I recently attended and he was extremely knowledgeable, personable and keen to help everyone on the course. The workshops were brilliant and It is obvious that Creed Marketing are experts in their field.
Tanya Lee
Tanya Lee
13:12 04 Jun 18
I worked with Creed for a short term marketing plan that included SEO and the results they delivered were outstanding. Curt provided some out-the-box ideas that were really effective for our new start up. For anyone looking to make the next step within their company, I would highly recommend Creed Marketing.
Alex Wright
Alex Wright
10:23 21 Jun 18
It was a pleasure meeting Curt and being part of the marketing workshop he delivered this month along with Emily. It's really helped me focus on my marketing and get a plan in place. The website critique and SEO tips in particular were very helpful, I'll be working my way through the suggestions made in the coming weeks. Thanks both.
Helen Fidgeon
Helen Fidgeon
22:37 22 Oct 18
I recently attended the Serious About Business marketing course run by Curt and Emily and found it very useful. They shared their expertise in SEO and website design and took the attendees through an in-depth appraisal of our websites. This really helped everyone to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of their individual websites and to form a dedicated plan to build a stronger business for the future. If you get the chance to attend, I would advise you to snap up your place without hesitation.
Helen Watson
Helen Watson
17:02 30 Oct 18

We’d love you to join our Creed, so why not send us some electronic mail or give us a call for a chinwag? We don’t bite (very often).

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