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If you’re here because you need a results-driven digital marketing campaign that fizzes with energy and creative magic, you’ve come to the right place. Because if we do say so ourselves, that’s what we’re really, really good at.


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If you’ve landed on this page, it’s probably because you’ve typed something like SEO Colchester into your favourite search engine. Wondering what magic we pulled to make that happen? It’s all thanks to our expertise in search engine optimisation. That’s why loads of people land on our website when they type things like search engine optimisation Colchester or even searches that relate to any other area, such as Grays, into Google. Wondering if we could do the same for you? We’re pretty sure that we can, read on and we’ll tell you what makes us so confident.


SEO is constantly changing and the strategies that catapult a page to the top of the rankings tend to change from day to day or month to month. Fortunately, we have an amazing team of tame search engine optimisation nerds on hand who love nothing more than to stay up late at night thinking of how to give our clients the high ranking websites they deserve (and pay us to give them).

A big part of what we do is onpage optimisation. This involves us doing a little bit of research (OK, actually quite a lot of research) to find out about the search terms that your customers are using. If those search terms aren’t driving them to your website then that’s very sad and we want to help make it better for you.

That’s why we’d highly recommend that you book a coffee and a chat with our lovely Colchester SEO experts (they make pretty good coffee too, we promise!). They’ll take a long, hard look at your website and come up with a few amazing strategies that will help get it shooting up those Google rankings. You really don’t want to miss out on the amazing tips that these guys have to offer so get in touch with us today and we’ll get that chat booked into our diaries. We promise you that it’ll be worth it.

Think that SEO isn’t right for your website? Fortunately, we love a challenge. We’re run by an award-winning entrepreneur and have helped all sorts of companies to generate loads of new business thanks to our SEO wizardry. Drop us a note or give us a ring and we’ll let you know how we’ll rise to the challenge. We’ve never been defeated before and we don’t intend to let it happen anytime soon.


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We like to think that joining our Creed is the best decision you’ll make today, so why not seal the deal now by filling out our online form? Then hold on to your hat, because we’re about to transform the way you look at online marketing forever.


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We know. There are tons of agencies out there. In fact, we work with a fair few ourselves however, we know that there are fewer agencies that can provide turnkey results with campaigns that generate a huge return. You may be asking yourself, “Why are you guys so special?” Well, let us tell you, our good friend! Creed has been created through trial and error in our own companies. We’ve generated 7 figures in revenue in short periods of time, from launch companies to UK based, award-winning business, and we’re a bunch of new era, award-bagging millennials that strive for the success of every campaign. The secret? A particular set of skills and hard work: the recipe that creates success.

We’ve worked with Creed Marketing on SEO, optimisation conversion and a website build and they’ve provided amazing results from the get-go.

Lee Tresadern

What can I say? The guys at Creed have proved their skill set 10x over. I’ve seen a huge increase in customers over the past 2 months from an SEO campaign.

Emily Hewett

Such a great experience with Creed. Everything went super smoothly, they were so helpful and really went above and beyond to accommodate to our needs!

Jenni Champion


We’d love you to join our Creed, so why not send us some electronic mail or give us a call for a chinwag? We don’t bite (very often).

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