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Why WordPress?

We often get asked why WordPress is considered the best content management system available, so we thought we’d provide 12 reasons why it’s not only our chosen platform but the platform of choice for many.

Most Popular CMS

Firstly, WordPress is currently the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS); it recently won this title for the seventh consecutive year. Used by over a quarter of all websites worldwide, millions of individuals and businesses alike now rely on WordPress on a daily basis. 

Your Choice of Host

Rather than being tied to a specific host, all users have the freedom to pick a host that suits their needs. We provide hosting for a lot of our web clients as it can be easier to have everything in one place. This being said, it is by no means compulsory.

Universal Language

WordPress is now a universal language used by developers around the world; this means you’ll be able to take your website to near enough any developer for assistance (with no transition period required!). With a bespoke CMS or build, you could end up with a unique coding language. Whenever you require changes that can’t be done through the editor, you’ll need to contact a specialised developer…but not with WordPress.

More Control

With WordPress, you own all the files, so can move the site to a different host or developer with ease. With bespoke builds and many other platforms, you don’t technically have full ownership of your site and content – in effect, you’re renting the site and files/pages are either lost or held by the company as soon as you stop paying.

Simple Interface

Originally, WordPress was developed for bloggers and was built with non-tech savvy users in mind. Therefore, the user interface is easy to use and there’s an array of resources available to help if you’re ever unsure. If you want to maintain and update your own website, you can. What’s more, because of the popularity WordPress has these days, there are constant developments and improvements being made to make it even better.

Easy to Add Content

With the simple interface, it also becomes much easier to add content whenever you need. Whether it’s updating the About page or even posting a blog, it can be done with just a few short steps. As we said, WordPress was developed for bloggers so you don’t need to be a coding master to complete simple tasks.

Lots of Brilliant (and Affordable!) Plugins

Next, there are thousands of great plugins available which can keep development costs low. We only use quality plugins that integrate into our sites and work effectively with other plugins we have installed; this means there are no compatibility problems or security risks (more on this later!).

Customisable Design

In 2018, so-called ‘template’ websites that all seem to have a similar appearance are now a thing of the past – with its flexible framework, WordPress allows designers and developers to create stunning websites with a vast range of layouts and customisable elements. You can also have your own input into the design of the site, because WordPress is just the engine. Additionally, it’s easy to incorporate plugins that tick the boxes for unique requests (without having to build them from scratch).

Easy to Scale

Furthermore, a WordPress site can be scaled easily which means it grows and adapts alongside your business. Since it can be integrated with most services/applications, we can make your website more powerful than ever before. As an added bonus, WordPress is browser-based which means that you’ll be able to login from any device connected to the internet.

SEO (Yoast)

Of course, search engine optimization (SEO) is key these days and WordPress is the best solution here too. WordPress will automatically generate title tags and meta descriptions so your site is indexed correctly; we choose to take it one step further, however, and you’ll get all your basic SEO included (alongside Yoast, the next level of SEO). Why Yoast? This platform allows you to see how effectively a page is targeting a particular keyword, so you can get your SEO right on every page with little effort. With simple code, search engines can read the site easily and your SEO efforts will provide tangible results.

Added Security

Finally, in a world worried about security, we should also note that WordPress has a high-security standard and regularly provides updates so that your website is not in a vulnerable position from hackers; unfortunately, hackers will always try to find loopholes so standing still for even a moment just isn’t an option. Although the majority of hacks to websites are due to a lack of user knowledge, we make sure we’ve done everything we can at the development stage to avoid any security breaches. This includes using security tools and plugins from trusted sources.

Automatic Updates

While on the note of security, all updates are normally done automatically and are generally faster than other platforms. Rather than losing valuable time waiting for updates, WordPress will be ready to use at all times.


From humble beginnings, WordPress is now a major name when it comes to content management systems. In a review of WordPress statistics in November 2018, it was suggested that nearly 42 million posts are made each month. In addition to this, over one million WordPress domains are registered every six months.

While some platforms are just internet trends, WordPress is popular for a reason. Not only is it easy to use, it’s a universal language for all developers, you have more control over your files and the future of the site, plugins are affordable, and it even allows for scaling. Therefore, it’s the best short- and long-term solution!